Elf Links Guarantee

We are really excited about Elf Links.

We also understand you don't want to invest without a guarantee this will work.

For that reason the demo version of the Wordpress plugin has been made available.

With the demo you can test Elf Links before purchase to ensure you can set it up and that Elf Links is compatible with your theme and Wordpress setup.

Because a demo is available and the software cannot be returned there is a no refund policy.

Known conflicts are the P1 Video Theme and Thrive Themes / Content Builder.

Do not cache, encrypt or compress the plugin.

At this time do not use the plugin with SSL (https) because it is an encryption method.

Note: We can help you install Elf Links and make sure your setup is correct.

We cannot help if you have a bad or buggy theme. Fact is themes are a dime a dozen and thousands of free ones are available. If for some reason the plugin does not work with your theme then use a different theme. After all, your theme is useless if you cannot get traffic to your site and Elf Links will help you avoid getting the dreaded affiliate label.

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