New Try Before You Buy Demo

elflinks-newNow you can try a demo version of Elf Links before you get it. This way you can confirm your theme is compatible with Elf Links.

What happens if you have the rare theme that doesn’t work? Get a new theme. Fact is your theme is useless without traffic and Elf Links is your ticket to avoid getting the dreaded affiliate site label.

Here is a sample Elf Link where no link appears in the source code for the page and no link is found by Google, but the link works in your browser to take you to Amazon:


This is what you will see in the source code:

Elf Links Demo

This demo is strictly to test the plugin for compatibility with your theme. Some linking options and important security measures to block Google are not included in this version. Only a few links can be created.


Recently released is the new Autobot plugin. It works a little different but automatically gives the Elf Links treatment to existing links on a page without needing to create any codes.

Here is an Autobot link to Amazon

This is an example of what you will see in the source code for Autobot links. It is only an example because every time a page is accessed or refreshed the code changes:

Elf Links Autobot

The Autobot is not included in the demo download, but it has features that allow it to possibly convert links created by other plugins and it should have a smaller chance of having a conflict. Since the Autobot is not in the demo download if there is a free theme you want me to test it with let me know. So far no conflicts have been found – although if one is found just change your theme.




Step 1: (one time): Install the Elf Links demo plugin.


Step 2: (one time): Install the ‘easy adsense’ plugin (aka ‘easy plugin for adsense’). We are NOT using this plugin for Adsense. Instead, we are using its ability to automatically place a shortcode in the right place in pages and posts to insert the Elf Links short code.


If Elf Links are not working – 95% of the time it is because the user forgot to install this 2nd plugin or did not set it up.

Here is a link to download the plugin.

Here is a screen shot showing the exact setup for the plugin.



Step 3:: Create an Elf Link code in the admin area.

Full instructions are in the admin area. If you can type in a url and type in the link text you can create an Elf Link. It’s super easy.


Step 4:: Insert the Elf Link code in your post/page where you want the link to appear.

Again, full instructions are on the admin page for the demo, including sample code.

It is going to look something like this – just like the Elf Link you can find in the source code for this page:

<span class=”8″>.</span>

This is really easy.


Get the Full Plugin: When you get the full Elf Links plugin first delete the existing demo plugin, then install the real plugin in its place. Any links you created in the demo will still be there so you don’t have to start over.



Any questions? Contact the Support Desk


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