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Showing Off Elf Links

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Elf Links is a new technology which initially “hides” your links from bots and anyone reviewing the source code of your website.

But it does not redirect, hide, spoof, cloak, etc., the link placed on your page or deceive a merchant like Amazon from seeing where traffic comes from. It is completely white-hat for affiliate marketing. One user had Amazon review the plugin and said Amazon approved of its use.

By using Elf Links you are in control of what, if any, links you want to be visible and indexed by search engines such as Google, as it should be.

Here is a sample text link:


Here is the link again, with original text which says “Amazon” being replaced by an Elf Link. You may have to look fast to see the replacement occurring.


Use can use text for links, and graphics, or both. Here is another link using both text and a graphic as the link for a report about Google: